Saturday, February 2, 2013


A series of One's revolved around my time with my little man.

21 weeks- found out cervix was open

22 1/2 weeks- gave birth to Kaden

1/31/10 - Kaden's official birthdate

1/1/11 - waking up to my nightmare and coming home empty bellied and handed

1/11/11 - seeing and holding Kaden for the last time after waking up in a panic that it might be too late.

2/1 - And last but not least......2 years ago today was the day we picked up Kaden's ashes. A tough day amongst the worst days of our lives and one that I will never forget. Looking at them was beyond heartbreaking and only made my nightmare even more a reality. His ashes are in a special place in Rylei's room where we honor and remember him. One day, when we are ready, we will release his ashes at his beach.

One day....

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